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    The DPA Team at Sterling Realty is committed to exclusively representing first-time homebuyers and others looking for the down payment and closing cost assistance. Many first-time buyers don’t initially have the credit scores needed to qualify for down payment assistance, and that’s where The DPA Team comes in. We can help home buyers reach the point where they can qualify for financing. Here’s what we do:

    • We offer free professional coaching to help buyers more quickly reach credit-thresholds required by most down-payment assistance and grant programs.
    • We advocate for the home buyers to get them the financing they need.
    • We pay attention to buyers who aren’t immediately going to qualify for a mortgage by providing them tools to get there.
    • We often help people buy homes who may not know to ask the right questions or how to get there on their own, and many other realtors and lenders don’t know how to get people the money they need.
    • Some of our customers have been pre-approved for a mortgage, but the lender or Realtor never asked if they had the cash for the down payment AND closing costs. Our team will ensure there are no heartbreaking situations when we work with you!

    First-time home buyers and others with low or little credit and those seeking down payment assistance are often seen by other professionals in the business as hard to qualify, and they don’t make as much in fees, so they are a segment of “under-served” borrowers. They typically aren’t buyers with great credit scores and substantial down-payments, so they tend to focus on buyers with great credit scores looking for half-million-dollar homes which the commercial lenders fawn over. Our customers are hard-working people who have paid rent for too long and deserve to own their home. They are working multiple jobs with little to show for it. They are at the whim of landlords who constantly raise their rent or cancel their lease for another renter who will pay more. If you have a steady job for at least the last two years and recent bank statements, we will work to find you a home.

    The DPA Team at Sterling Realty stands ready to roll up our sleeves and help these buyers. We will work exhaustively to coach the buyers on ways to improve their credit so they can qualify for a home mortgage with down payment assistance, many in as little as 2-6 months if they fall just below the minimum credit threshold.

    The best part is that you benefit from our exclusive representation, skill, and experience, yet we are paid at closing by splitting with the listing agent, the commission the Seller agreed to pay when listing the home!

    For more information contact The DPA Team at Sterling Realty 941.315.5300.  

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