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    The DPA Team at Sterling Realty has one driving belief — everyone deserves a chance to own a home. Our team is committed to helping first-time home buyers find down payment and closing cost assistance for their home purchase. Where does this assistance come from?

    There are several loans, grants, secondary financing, and other programs available to qualified first time home buyers. Qualification normally requires a credit score of 640 and above as well as a verifiable income with a steady job. Programs are offered by a variety of sources and agencies including:

    • Florida State Housing Finance Agency
    • County and City financing grants or loans
    • Housing Authorities
    • Non-profit agencies
    • VA, FHA, and USDA low mortgage interest rates

    Down payment assistance may be offered as a grant without a repayment requirement or a low-interest rate second mortgage not paid until the house is sold. The DPA Team at Sterling Realty not only tracks these various programs but can offer free coaching for potential buyers who fall just below the credit number threshold for qualification. We can work with you to get your credit rating above the minimum 640 in 3-6 months so we can get you a home mortgage including down payment and closing cost assistance.

    Our goal at The DPA Team at Sterling Realty is to provide skilled, professional resources, and coaching to first-time homebuyers and others with their home purchase. Keep in mind that lenders consider a first -time buyer to be anyone who has not owned a home in the previous three years. So, if you have been losing money on rent and want to own, contact The DPA Team at Sterling Realty today at 941.315.5300.


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