Why Choose The DPA Team at Sterling Realty

The DPA Team at Sterling Realty stands ready to assist first-time homebuyers and others who need assistance with down payments or closing costs. Many first-time buyers have little or no established credit to qualify for conventional financing. We provide a range of services to assist them including:

Home for First-Time Buyer in Sarasota
  • Free credit coaching to help potential buyers reach minimum credit thresholds for financing
  • We act as advocates for buyers to help them get the financing they need
  • We continue to work with clients who can’t qualify for mortgages today, helping them reach their goals
  • We help customers ask the right questions when buying a home and also find out what questions they have which have not been answered by another realtor or lender

The DPA Team at Sterling Realty is committed to helping the “underserved” homebuyer market. Many realtors are looking for prime customers looking to buy expensive homes with good commissions. First-time buyers and others may be ignored because realtors don’t want to spend time helping them secure their first home or getting them qualified.

The DPA Team at Sterling Realty thinks exactly the opposite. We want to help everyone get a home they desperately want and need. We have many tools available to help with coaching, finding good financing, knowing what questions to ask, and having access to real estate first-time buyers can afford.

We also have the knowledge of many programs and grants offering down payment and closing cost assistance. Many first-time buyers understand there are programs out there waiting to help them with these costs. They can include:

  • Florida State Housing Finance Agency
  • City or County financing grants or loan assistance
  • Housing Authority programs
  • Various non-profit agencies
  • VA, FHA, and USDA low interest rate mortgage assistance

If you are a first-time homebuyer or someone with credit or other issues preventing you from qualifying for conventional mortgages, contact The DPA Team at Sterling Realty today at 941-315-5300. We serve Sarasota County, Manatee County, and the surrounding area.

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